Unknown Cyprus. Unknown for many visitors of the island coming for a beach holiday: a hotel, sunbeds, bus tours … and nothing more!

Our love affair with Cyprus began fifteen years ago, when we visited this beautiful island for more than just her crystal clear sea and the warmth of her brilliant sun. Since then we have met many like-minded people with the same caring attitude for this tiny corner of the world gently caressed by Mediterranean waters. This culminated in the birth of Kipr Inform.

Our services are for everybody. For tourists planning their first trip to Cyprus or for regular visitors who are eager to expand their knowledge of their favourite holiday destination. We are here for local residents or for keen explorers of the most secluded corners of the island who want to share their experiences and descriptions of their most favoured places. We call on everyone who wants to look at Cyprus through our perspective and share our love!

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About Cyprus

Learn about the weather, the traditions and the flora and fauna of the island. Find information on employment and resident permits, compare Cyprus with other countries and discover a wealth of other interesting information for tourists and local residents.

Древний город Куриум


Food is one of the many joys of life. A meal is not just the way to kill the feeling of hunger but should also be a form of communication. A feast is an important part of a celebration. Such philosophy is well known and respected throughout the Orient and Cyprus is, without any doubt, part of this region.

We provide information on all types of eating establishments on the island. We have pages dedicated to bars, cafes and restaurants (see details below) that contain information and descriptions with menus, addresses, maps for directions and contact details.

Our reviews are a useful guide to the world of Cypriot restaurants. We write about what we love the most and describe the places we like to visit and would recommend to our friends.

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Major events in Cyprus – concerts, exhibitions, club parties, theatrical performances and many more – are published daily for the lover of an active cultural life. We do not simply publish announcements of these events, we provide detailed features offering our recommendations on where and when to have great time!


631 v centr miraWe not only provide interesting information about ordinary group tours, such as the Troodos Mountains, the Kykkos Monastery, Omodos or Kakopetria, but we also tell about trips to the small mountain villages that have managed to preserve the traditions of the ancient Byzantine towns. We pay attention to the unique nature of Cyprus, the extraordinary combination of the mountains and the sea and describe the protected areas of Cyprus. This usually becomes an adventure and a true discovery for many tourists.


fun-and-books Cyprus Treasure is the network of private English schools that are providing authentic British education away from the rain and the fog! Here, alongside friendly people, our children learn under sunshine, near palm trees and the sound of rolling sea waves. Thousands of Russian nationals choose Cyprus to ensure that their children’s education is of the highest standards. What makes the British system of education so unique? What are the benefits of an English certificate of education in Cyprus? How does one become a student? Parents can find answers to this and many other questions in our reviews.


Our objective is not to report on every world major event, which is the task of countless news portals. Our principle is to filter out the more boring and mundane stuff and highlight the more interesting and thought-provoking news and to provide comments.

Кипр - член ЕвросоюзаPhotography

With features that combine the best creations of heaven and humanity, Cyprus is any photographer’s paradise. Majestic mountains slope to turquoise marine depths that, in turn, fade into the horizon, imposing pine forests sweep through the Troodos Mountains and emerald green golf courses dot the landscape. Humans have complemented natural beauty with monumental pillars of pagan temples and impressive lines of ancient Byzantine churches. Brilliant crystal clear azure seas are contrasted with the snow-white sails of elegant yachts. Coupled with the rich flora and fauna of the island, any photographer is provided with an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Some of the leading photographers who are in love with Cyprus are our friends and we hope that their wonderful work will make you feel part of the sunshine and warmth. We want you to feel a spark of divine love that sheds its light on the blessed land of Cyprus.

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Main Topics


Дайвинг на КипреWhat brings Russians to Cyprus and how do they live here? What are they looking for and what do they find on this paradise island? The sea and the palm trees, one may think, but this would not be the only reason. A unique, slow pace of life, free from traffic jams, stress and despondency and filled with sunshine. Living in Cyprus does not just mean beach holidays, it means activities: kitesurfing over the sea waves, diving to explore the depths, challenging the wind on a sailing yacht, the joy of mountain hiking or the excitement of hitting a tennis ball. All this is available 365 days a year making sure that you have a full and exciting life.

An island of the saints

To many, Cyprus is the centre of the universe, a junction of the ancient world. “With a severe storm, the ship destined for Constantinople (Jerusalem, Alexandria, etc.) had to moor in Cyprus” is the beginning of many dignitaries’ unexpected visits to the island that made an impact on the history of the country for many years to come. Such occasions brought Berengaria of Navarra and Saint Helen to Cyprus. According to legend the Virgin Mary, Mother of Christ, also visited the island. Cyprus witnessed Apostle Paul and Apostle  Barnabas. Saint Lazarus who was resurrected by Christ four days after his death, was one of Cyprus’ bishops. The list of saints, whose lives and deaths are strongly linked to Cyprus, as well as relics now kept here, is very impressive. This makes Cyprus one of the favourite destinations for Christian Orthodox pilgrims. We provide interesting and enlightening information about the well known and not so well known places of pilgrimage.



ВиноградWine is a divine gift to humanity, a medicine and an integral part of any celebration. Playing an important role in the lives of people since Noah’s time, wine making has become an element of folk tradition. It is impossible to appreciate a country with rich wine making traditions without trying the wine made by the local people. Wine traditions of Cyprus are deeply rooted in ancient times. Wine has been produced here for over four thousand years and today wine making is in the process of a renaissance. Small family wineries make their own wines from a combination of the hot Cyprus sun and the love of the wine makers. We feature  wine makers and their wines and how wonderful it is to spend a day in the mountains and end it with wine tasting in a secluded vinery.