Kipr Inform – the information portal for Russian-speaking people who live in Cyprus, and for tourists visiting from other countries. Restaurants, events, lifestyle, travelling, private English schools – all the information you need about life and vacation in Cyprus. See the details in the «Site Concept» section.

The audience

More then 452 969 unique visitors in the last half year.

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Promotion Possibilities

Kipr Inform offers several types of company promotions in the following sectors::

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Real Estate
  • Business Services

  • Shops
  • Education
  • Health & beauty
  • Tourist services (car rentals, etc.)

Types of promo

Mini-site of the company

You can put information about any of your projects on the site, which will include:

  • Description of the company
  • Products/Services you offer
  • Photo gallery
  • Contacts

  • Link to the website of the company
  • Working hours
  • Map

Example of mini-site

The price for an annual contract is€ 1280 + VAT per year


Discount card section 

In the discount card section you can put the following information:

  • Text about the company up to 2000 characters, including an English and Russian version
  • Four photos
  • Contact information
Секция Дисконтная Карта

The price for an annual contract is € 640+VAT per year



The banner promotion is very efficient as it provides wide access to the target audience and is particularly effective in combination with the mini-site. Баннеры на сайте Кипр Информ A banner is automatically doubled Баннеры на сайте Кипр Информon the site. A banner with dimensions of 728 x 98 is placed on all the site’s pages. The price of the banner in rotation (not more than four at the same time):

  • 728 х 90 480+VAT per month
  • 300 х 250 380+VAT per month
  • 468 х 60 240+VAT per month



You can order branding for your company (the design of the background in special sections in the company’s corporate style) on the Kipr Inform site. We propose this option as the one that stands out the most, as it is the most noticeable way of placing promo materials.

Брендирование на сайте Кипр Информ The main programme includes: Placing on the main site page. It also includes placing the branding in the following sections:

  • Excursions
  • Travelling
  • About Cyprus

  • News
  • Events
  • Photos

Cost: 960+VAT per month The price of branding in the thematic sections when participating in the main programme is 240+VAT per month for every additional section.   Thematic branding on the site: Брендирование на сайте Кипр Информ

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Business
  • Education
  • Shops
  • Beauty and health
  • Services
  • Discount card

Price: 480+VAT per month for each section. The price of branding 240+VAT per month for every additional section.


Address: 1-2 at Katia court 63 Georgiou ‘A Avenue, Potamos Germasoyias, Limassol, Cyprus

Tel. Of Sales Department : +357 25 310692; +357 99 614416 (mob.)