The Vasilikon winery is one of the first and largest local wineries in Cyprus. It was founded in 1993 by three brothers from Kathikas. The family had privately owned vineyards in Kathikas, one of the best wine-growing regions in Cyprus. Winemaking was also a family tradition and they had contacts in business. They had the specialised knowledge of viticulture and oenology of brother Heracles, and the managerial skills and legal expertise of the family lawyer, brother Giorgios. Last but not the least, they could count on the commercial and marketing expertise of brother Yiannis. As it turned out, they had made the right decision and in less than 10 years Vasilikon became one of the best and most famous wineries of Cyprus, annually producing more than 300,000 bottles of excellent wine.

Вина винодельни Vasilikon

The winery is located in the lovely village of Kathikas in the region of Paphos at a height of 635 meters above sea level. The grapes are grown in the family vineyards: white wine is made ​​from the grapes Xynisteri, Sauvignon Blanc and Morokanella, while red wine is made from Cabernet, Maratheftiko, Shiraz and Mataro.

In total, the winery produces ​​4 kinds of wine: Vasilikon White Dry Wine, Einalia, Agios Onoufrios and Methy Cabernet Sauvignon.

Сухое белое вино VasilikonVasilikon – a dry white wine from the marvelous local grapes Xynisteri, which is grown in the family vineyards. Unusually deep green-yellow in colour, it is full bodied and quite ideal for a young Xynisteri with an easy, soft finish. This wine has a rich fruity aroma of apricot and peach, fresh and balanced taste and a long aftertaste. It is best served between 8-100C.


Einalia – the goddess Aphrodite,Einalia - розовое сухое вино the Paphian sea-born Cypris. The indigenous variety Maratheftiko is combined with the variety Shiraz to produce a rosé wine with the colour of pomegranate that is distinguished for its fresh floral character and rich aromas of red fruits. Refreshing, with a pleasant acidity, balanced taste and a long-lasting perfumed after taste. It is an ideal companion for white meat dishes, fresh salads and fruit platters. Enjoy it between 8-10°C.

Agios Onoufrios – красное купажное виноAgios Onoufrios  a red blended wine from Maratheftiko and Lefkada with small amounts of Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Shiraz and Merlot, grown in the vineyards in the region of Paphos, as well as in the family vineyards at Vasilikon. It has a bright, blue-red colour; with a lifted taste of wild berries. The wine has a distinctly dry, almost chewy, and very fresh taste and finishes on a lingering note of fresh berries. It is particularly well-suited to meat dishes and semi-hard cheeses. It is best served between 16-180C.

Methy Cabernet Sauvignon born out of patience, this wine matures for two years in brand new barrels of French oak and spends an equal amount of time ageing in the reducing environment of its bottle. Methy displays a deep red colour, exuding strength and the masculine aromas of green peppers, capers and red-skinned fruits against a background of oak. It has a thick, distinctly balanced taste with a tannic presence which, as it is softened by time, further improves the quality of the wine. Enjoy it between 16-18°C.

The cost of the wines varies between 5 and 13 euros if purchased at the winery. Vasilikon wines are usually stocked by the best hotels and restaurants in Cyprus, and they may also be purchased in small boutique cavas and large supermarkets.

It is also possible to order wine to be delivered from the winery to your house or office.

About four years ago the winery moved to a new modern building with an area of ​​400 m2,the ground floor of whichis a wineshop. The second floor is a modern production facility, while on the third floor guests will find a wine museum, a lecture hall, offices, a luxurious tasting room and a restaurant with a chicterrace offering amazing views of the hillsides and the sea.

Винодельня Vasilikon    Винодельня Vasilikon

Guests can arrive at the winery from Monday to Saturday between 8 am and 3 pm. Here they will have the opportunity to taste excellent wines and friendly hosts will gladly give them a tour and tell them about the history of the winery.

Vasilikon is also an ideal location for weddings, banquets and seminars.

Vasilikon лого


Kathikas 8573, Paphos, Cyprus


Working hours

Monday  Friday:  08:00  16:00
Saturday: 08:00  16:00
Sunday: off



Tel.: + 357 26 633999
Fax: + 357 26 633500
[email protected]



Vasilikon Award Vasilikon Award Vasilikon Award Vasilikon Award

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