Makkas winery established in 2007 at the village of Statos focuses on the production of high quality wines both from indigenous varieties as Xinisteri and Maratheftiko as well as international varieties such as Chardonnay, Syrah and Merlot. The winery produces both varietal wines and blends such as Makkas Red, Makkas White and Makkas Rose. All Makkas wines have already won 38 international awards.

Виноградники винодельни Makkas  Виноградники винодельни Makkas

Family ancestors (grandfather Yiorkis, parents Maroulla and Nikolas) worked the land with passion and zeal creating the family vineyards. Building on this deep-rooted ancestral tradition of passion and zeal, descendant families have set very high standards for Makkas wines. The very high standards set for Makkas wines are secured with the contribution of expert oenologist, Giorgos Gialitaki and an expert, Giorgos Gkenos, specializing in vineyards,.

Nowadays Andreas Psaras is the third generation of the Psaras family. His main aim is the development of Makkas wines and winery; he would like to make Makkas wines known all over the world with the unique characteristics of outstanding wines.

The logo of Makkas winery dedicated to Kyrenia Ship, a Greek merchant vessel dating to the 4th century BC found in Kyrenia (occupied Cyprus), which was used to transport wines across the Mediterranean sea.

Вина винодельни Makkas

Today there are 7 types of wines, which produced at the winery: 4 red wines, 3 white and 1 rose.

White wines

Makkas Xinisteri – very fresh, really green colour; lifted green almond and lemon zest (two classic markers for Xinisteri) scents; dry but very fresh, appealing, delicate easy drinking; very clean finish; perfect wine for the summer time.

Makkas White (Chardonnay, Xinistery, Semillon) – pale straw colour; slightly harsh, coconutty oak that slightly covers some very attractive preserved bitter lemon and herbal notes on the nose and palate, finishes with some more oaky vanilla overtones. Apart from the slightly aggressive oak, a well-handled wine and an interesting and unusual experiment to find out what can be done with Xinisteri.

Вино Makkas Xinisteri  Вино Makkas White  Белое вино Makkas Шардоне

Makkas Chardonnay – quite deeply coloured but lovely green gold. Throughout, this wine shows the ripe fullness of a more typical Cyprus wines: open developed nose of oak nicely combined with preserved lemons and the bready overtones from well used wine lees; big, creamy textured, ripe and mature palate.

Rose wineВино Makkas Rose

Makkas Rose, Maratheftiko and Lefkada – quite deep but pretty pink; just opening up to show some red cherry and blackberry fruit; solid, vinous and distinctly dry style needs to be matched with a good meze selection.

Red wines

Makkas Red (Syrah, Maratheftiko, Grenache, Lefkada) – quite deep colour, showing some age; easy, warm, slightly leathery, jammy bramble aromas; fully ready to drink with a very easy, soft, not very concentrated style of pleasantly ripe fruit with a slight overtone of spice.

Makkas Merlot– very deep colour already showing a bit more maturity than expected for the vintage; overripe raisiny, chocolaty aromas very typical of low yield but young vines hot country merlot. The palate continues to show the same dark chocolate with dried cherries; rich but rather short, slightly cooked finish.

Makkas Syrah – deep, dark red and just beginning to show a hint of maturity; very attractive, already open dark fruit including fresh date and blackberry jam, even fig and just a gentle underlying touch of oak spice; very dense dark fruit initially on the palate carrying through the date and bramble jam flavours; as yet slightly dry young tannins on the finish but so concentrated and bound to improve if properly cellared over the next three years at least.

Makkas Maratheftiko – based on this native to Cyprus variety, Makkas Maratheftiko and Makkas Lefkada are the youngest projects of the Makkas winery. With proper care, Makkas Maratheftiko offers an excellent wine with great body, intense color and a pleasant bouquet. The characteristics of this wine rank it among the most high-quality varieties of our country with prospects of development. Specifically, it is characterized by a scent of freshly cut grass, vanilla, berries and wood.

Вино Makkas Red  Красное вино Makkas Шираз  Красное вино Makkas Maratheftiko

Makkas wines you can find in some popular and expensive hotels and restaurants, boutique cavas all around Cyprus and in main supermarkets. Also you can order delivery “at the door” of your office or home.

Makkas wines constantly improve and develop, and continue to win the prestigious awards at local and world competitions. According to our mind, you should try Makkas wines for sure!

Винодельня Makkas лого


Philippou Kritioti 8651, Statos-Ayios Photios, Paphos, Cyprus



Tel.: +357 77 77 22 21,
Fax: +357 22 53 10 14
[email protected]

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