Choosing A Core Wardrobe For Cyprus

The age old “I have nothing to wear” problem is very likely common for most women the world over. Whilst formal wear usually provokes a desire for endless replenishment to acquire a new look every season, the selection of casual dress demands an approach free from wasting precious morning time.

Базовый гардероб

It is for this specific reason that many stylists recommend that you create a basic wardrobe. But what does this mean? There are two trains of thought for trendsetters. Some believe that a basic wardrobe is a collection of a season’s fashionable clothes that make you look stylish and bright but demands replenishment each season. Others insist that the basic wardrobe is a kind of a compromise between all of the items and is destined to serve for an extended time and a new season of trendy clothing can be achieved by mixing and matching the same basic elements. We will stick to the latter.

What should be included in your basic wardrobe?

The main idea of the core wardrobe is that all of its elements must be compatible with each other. So in general, the basic wardrobe consists of seven or eight items and accessories that can be matched in various combinations.

The basic wardrobe should be dominated by two of your favourite colours, whilst a third colour should make a bright accent or contrast. Of course, the third colour must be compatible with the two main ones.

These are our recommendations for your core wardrobe

  1. Bottega Veneta leather pencil skirt.
  2. Burberry sweater in this season’s trendy colour red.
  3. RtA Denim metallic-coloured jeans.
  4. Marc Jacobs classic white shirt.
  5. Ralph Lauren denim shirt.
  6. Bright Vivienne Westwood jacket.
  7. Max Mara fur coat.
  8. Bvlgari necklace.
  9. Givenchy bag.
  10. Saint Laurent ankle boots.


Базовый гардероб на Кипре

The combination of core wardrobe items

The basic element of our first image is the leather skirt.

Judging by the latest trends, a leather skirt fits well in business dress provided it is complemented with a classical shirt and a fashionable red blazer. The combination of a white blouse, a skirt and a necklace would also make a prime business set. This option would even be suitable for a business dinner.

A fur jacket is ideal for cooler weather and this combination would even go well without the red blazer.

Базовый гардероб на Кипре       Базовый гардероб на Кипре

A second image can be based on trendy metallic-coloured jeans.

These jeans can be combined with a classic white shirt. If you are heading for a meeting (or even going to a movie, to dinner or to an exhibition) this image can be supplemented with a necklace and a jacket.

Smart casual can be achieved where the jeans are matched with a long bright jumper.

Базовый гардероб на Кипре       Базовый гардероб на Кипре

Our third image is based on the denim shirt.

For several seasons in a row stylists have favoured a combination of different fabrics and textures. A trendy image can be obtained by combining a denim shirt with a leather skirt and this can be further complemented with a necklace for public functions. For a party, the denim shirt can be combined with a fur waistcoat and jeans.

Базовый гардероб на Кипре       Базовый гардероб на Кипре

What else would be ideal for your core wardrobe?

  1. Beige shoes. This item is ideal if you wish to make your legs appear longer. In addition, beige shoes could match any set of clothing you may choose and look elegant and stylish. Choose matt or suede leather.
  2. Little black dress. It is said that investment in a classic is timeless. Complementing the little black dress with various accessories creates countless luxurious sets. Choose a dress with simple tailoring and close fitting (e.g. shift dress).
  3. Classic black trousers. This item may connect your entire wardrobe. It can be the basis for a combination of sets, both for the office and for your free time. For the best effect, complement the trousers with high-heeled shoes and bright accessories.
  4. Elegant raincoat. On a cool spring and autumn you should turn to the classic look. With this element of clothing onlookers can make an assessment of your sense of style. The forever-fashionable classic trench coat would match practically any attire and would be a very important item in your wardrobe.
  5. Comfortable boots. Most images will be perfectly complemented with classic high black boots with a stable heel kept comfortable by the use of a boot tree whilst in the wardrobe. Pay attention to kidskin leather and leatherette. Core wardrobe shoes must be of excellent quality.
Базовый гардероб на Кипре

In conclusion, it should be noted that any core wardrobe is largely influenced by the owner’s profession, values and lifestyle. It should incorporate all the items that you would consider necessary to be worn throughout the year as the core wardrobe is your main set of clothes.

It should also be noted that the more skilful your approach to choosing your core wardrobe with bright details and accessories for each season, the more attractive your look will become. Stylists claim that 70% of the wardrobe should be made of plain basic items and just 30% should be bright complementary elements, selected for each season.


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