Choosing a Man’s Wardrobe in Cyprus


It is hardly a secret that deciding on a man’s wardrobe is no less challenging than choosing a female’s. Of course, most men would not dream of spending hours shopping and carefully planning their wardrobe but anyone would want to choose clothing to look smart at a business meeting or on a night out.

Main principles of selection

Good economics in buying clothes is not to select the cheapest items you can find, but rather to choose comfortable clothes that you would be able to wear for a long time. It is a false economy to buy cheap, poor quality stuff. Is it really worth buying a classical blazer for €30 when it is made from poor quality material by an unskilled tailor? Or is it better to spend a more considerable sum and buy a well-made stylish blazer to boost the wearer’s confidence at a business meeting or on a romantic date?

Мужчина в магазинеYou should approach the process of choosing clothes with a relaxed mind. It is a better idea to buy a shirt of a shade that matches most items of your wardrobe than to buy five brightly coloured shirts to take up space in your wardrobe and expect to find a future match. Besides, choosing colours and styles thoughtfully will save considerable time spent daily choosing a suitable set of clothing for the office or for a night out with your mates.


So, let’s make an audit. A modern man’s wardrobe must have at least two pairs of shoes, several shirts, two or three pairs of trousers, several ties and one or two formal suits for dress-code events.

A casual wardrobe should include two or three pairs of jeans, several T-shirts and a pair of sporting-style shoes.

Гардероб мужчины

Avoid keeping flotsam and jetsam in your wardrobe, it simply takes up valuable space (don’t keep it and hope that it will come back into fashion or hope that you can lose weight and fit into it again – it will only accumulate dust). As a rule, if you haven’t worn it for six months, you probably never will, so get rid of all that stuff that’s wasting space and start filling your wardrobe with the smart stuff. A good clearance of old stock should kick start a desire to brighten your life with something new. By the way, this rule is quite universal!

Sophisticated choice

What factors should guide you when selecting new stuff? In our opinion you should primarily concentrate on the quality, material, style and price (the latter should never be the core factor, as we have already noted).

A man’s wardrobe will be linked largely to his profession, build, financial resources and personal preferences. However, there are basic rules to serve as guidance when selecting your wardrobe.

  1. Pay attention to colour. On the first stage of composing your wardrobe it would be advisable to stick to a single basic colour in the design: ideally white, grey, blue or black. A man’s wardrobe should have a good amount of minimalism. Of course, the use of bright materials and patterns would bring life to your wardrobe, but it is best to leave them for when you are satisfied with your basic wardrobe and feel confident enough to experiment in the future.
  2. There are basics that should be present in any man’s wardrobe and you should start your future collection with these.
  • Dark single-coloured suit. Take note of the major manufacturers offering the more classical options such as Hugo Boss or Baldessarini.
Темный однотонный костюм         Темный однотонный костюм
  • Blazer or sporting jacket. Turn to such brands as Michael Kors or Polo Ralph Loren.
Спортивная куртка         Спортивная куртка
  • Classic black leather shoes. In Cyprus make sure that you look at Lagerfeld or Boss.
Классическая черная обувь         Классическая черная обувь
  • One colour classic men’s shirt. Look at Diesel or Boss Orange.
Однотонная классическая мужская рубашка         Однотонная классическая мужская рубашка
  • And, of course, jeans. There is a very wide choice available and it all depends on personal preferences and financial resources. A huge choice is offered by Levi’s, Calvin Klein and other famous brands.
Джинсы         Джинсы

Of course a business and a casual wardrobe must include other items too like light jackets and blazers, sportswear and various accessories.

Where can you buy men’s clothes in Cyprus?

If your plan is to expand your wardrobe on the island with the medium priced brands (Calvin Clein, Levi’s, Lacoste, Zara and other European designers), it is worth visiting one of the major shopping malls in Nicosia, Limassol or Paphos. Here you will find chain outlets of the brands popular in Cyprus and other European countries.Мужчины в магазине

Connoisseurs of high fashion designers of men’s clothes, including the world famous Georgio Armani, Versace and Baldinini, should turn to multibrand boutiques. Saga, for example, have outlets in many Cyprus towns and First are in Limassol. Make a list of your favourite brands and explore the high streets of Nicosia or the shopping areas in other Cyprus towns.

It should be noted that the male attitude to the wardrobe has shifted substantially in recent years and, like many women, men of the modern world are desperate to stay in shape and get the look that fits in with the social status. Men’s fashion in Cyprus assimilates the diverse natural colours of this beautiful Mediterranean island, while the suppliers of the world brands are encouraged to supply the island with the latest collections for the high tourist population, giving a truly eclectic feel to fashion in Cyprus. So, if you wish to combine enriching your wardrobe with a wonderful holiday, Cyprus can offer you endless opportunities.


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    Интересная информация, возьму на заметку. Честно говоря, не знала, что на Кипре есть прекрасная возможность купить брендовые вещи. Помимо солнца, моря и пляжа туристам есть чем заняться! Интересно, какие на самом деле цены в бутиках на Кипре, и есть ли у них сезоны распродаж, как в остальной Европе? Хотелось бы съездить отдохнуть с пользой!


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